What is Secondary Glazing?

What is Secondary Glazing?

Most individuals have come across solitary as well as double glazing. They’re aware of the pros and cons of both alternatives as well as recognize that most people recommend dual polishing for their residential or commercial property’s home windows. However, are these the only choices when it concerns your home windows?  What if window substitute isn’t a sensible option? Or you currently have double glazing as well as it isn’t sufficient? Possibly you simply desire an extra effective solution? That’s where second glazing can be found in.

What is second glazing? Simply put, it’s a high-performing alternative to double polishing that can minimize noise, boost insulation and increase protection without affecting the design of your house. This blog post will cover all things additional glazing: its uses, advantages and also how you might install it on your own.

What is secondary glazing? – The fundamentals

Additional glazing essentially suggests setting up a ‘second’ pane of glass as a totally independent window, with a void of air in between itself and the existing home window pane.

The second window is a totally separate unit, including a single glazed pane within its own structure. It’s generally fitted on the indoor side of the existing windows before being secured around the edges.

In contrast to double or triple-glazing, which includes removing the existing home window and replacing it with a new one, secondary glazing installation maintains your existing windows in position and just includes an additional pane.

The extra window pane changes ineffective single or double-glazed windows into high-performing units, giving the advantages of modern double-glazing without the moment and also the expense of installation. Nevertheless, due to the fact that the space in between the panes is bigger, it can even supply more performance than options like pricey double glazing.

What are the benefits of secondary glazing?

Second glazing provides a selection of advantages for homeowners as well as property upkeep companies …

Thermal insulation

Power expenses are regularly increasing as well as warming expenses can be expensive, especially in the colder months. Without appropriate insulation from your home windows, you can be losing as much as 35% of your house’s warm via your windows and also wall surfaces.

Utilizing second glazing, you can enhance your home windows’ thermal performance by over 60%. As a matter of fact, installing secondary glazing could significantly boost the performance of your house and decrease your energy costs by around 10-15%.

Audio insulation

Website traffic, street as well as also aircraft sound can be harmful to your living setting as well as your lifestyle. The problem is enhanced for those residing in period homes with original single glazing as well as bad audio insulation, as they can not change their home windows.

Second glazing is one of one of the most reliable options for protecting against noise invasion with your home windows. Additional panes of glass are contributed to the inside of existing home windows, with the air void working as an obstacle to enhance sound insulation. You can even boost the gap between both panes of glass to boost the sound insulation properties.

Condensation removal

The air in your home is full of wetness from food preparation, showering as well as also steaming the kettle. If your windows aren’t effective, this wetness will certainly be drawn to their chilly indoor surface. This is a common problem for single-glazed windows – however can also affect on poor quality double-glazing.

Dampness can get inside gaps in the unit, causing condensation to develop in between both panes of glass. In either situation, condensation can ruin the look of your home, leaving your windows looking misty– and also the concern of damp window sills when condensation rolls off the glass.

Additional glazing creates an effective internal seal that quits moisture surviving. It likewise quits the interior pane of glass getting too cool, which avoids condensation creating.

Enhanced safety

Single glazing windows are conveniently damaged, whether it’s by a mis-hit football or perhaps a prospective thief. Doors and windows are one of the most apparent and simplest ways to break into a building. Fortunately, a secondary glazing panel offers a discreet, additional layer of defense to prevent break-ins.

Second glazing can additionally be installed in any house or structure. So, whether your residential or commercial property is provided, located in a busy urban area or you just have an abundance of windows, you can rest assured that your home is better secured and also a lot more protected with second glazing.

Environmentally friendly

Secondary glazing is an extra environmentally-friendly remedy than home window substitute. Dual glazing involves a far more complex procedure to eliminate the window, create entirely new windows and also mount the double-glazed home windows.

The majority of double-glazed windows are used uPVC housings and also installations too. The production of this material is very energy-intensive, using poisonous chemicals which can lead to carcinogen during manufacturing. In addition to all that, the disposal of old uPVC home windows can be extremely damaging to the atmosphere.

On the other hand, additional glazing does not entail expensive and also destructive production procedures as you are merely adding an additional pane of glass to your existing window. You don’t require to get rid of anything from your residence, get rid of any kind of glass or fittings or waste excess energy transferring the panes.

Easy installation

Secondary glazing home window panes are so simple to install, you can do it on your own. Also better, due to the fact that they don’t harm your existing windows, they can be used in all residential properties. That’s especially advantageous in duration homes or noted structures, where it’s not suggested– or even banned– to replace home windows.

Thankfully, secondary glazing provides all the benefits of double glazing– with a couple of additional on top– without the invasive setup process. You don’t require to request planning consent, also in a secured building, to make these simple, quick as well as conveniently relatively easy to fix adjustments that can make a big distinction in your home. Whatever you do, you will need a local glazier and you may need emergency boarding up, if you get problems with your windows.