I do love a nice mirror and have lots of them in my house, in various guises of frames, some nice, some not so nice but mirrors can be just functional and not necessarily beautiful. But in my mind some mirrors should be beautiful. I even have 2 mirrors in my garage, so I can park my car straight as it is a bit tight and I have a nice car I do not want to scratch. So installing mirrors was a great idea, I can now see how close I am to each side of the car as I drive in. I actually think it is very clever 😉

OK, back to mirrors inside, I had an old gilt mirror over my fireplace, that looked old fashioned, although it was a nice mirror, nice size and design of the surround was cool. So I painted it white with emulsion and bingo, it looks gorgeous on a white wall.

Next I am working with a friend who is also a glazier, to have custom mirrors put into my bathroom, to fill the gaps on a wall, it will look great .. Thank you Dagenham Glass 247. Thank you Steve actually.

So, go on have a look around, change up your existing mirrors or add some!!