Interior design

Interior design is a lot of fun, I focus on my own house and get into various projects around the house. I like buying old, good looking furniture and turning it into a thing of useful beauty I can use in the house. I recently bought a cupboard with lovely barley twist legs and it was oak and old and grubby. But it turned out great, we applied a varnish remover to the top and it looks beautiful now. We waxed the wooden top and also painted the cabinet itself.

But, forgot that drawers need to close and doors need to close and the amount of paint we applied was too much abd the drawers and doors were not even close to closing!!! So sanded the paint off and voila!!! It now looks a bit shabby chic, but beautiful all the same.

I do like to watch Interior Design programs as well and they give me a lot of inspiration to try new things. Even though, some of them are a bit off the wall.. 🙂 I don’t think I am brave enough for some of the things I see done.