Glass breaking

Hi there everyone, Linda here. We went out for a drink this weekend the pub was very hard to find. We had wanted to go there for a long time. The only way you can approach this pub was down a narrow windy lane, and then an unadopted road. It was very bumpy and we were concerned that we might bottom out the car. Anyway I wasn’t driving, my partner was, men are so much better at negotiating narrow country lane is than women. Or shouldn’t I say that, as a woman! Anyway we reach the pub and it was well worth the journey and nice pub a mixture of all ages and children out for Sunday lunch. My partner ordered a pint of beer and I had a half of shandy, which I have with bitter beer, and enjoy very much. We also had some fabulous crisps I can’t remember the name but they were not a brand that we had had before.

We shared the crisps and drank a beer and then my partner went to the bar to order another drink. He came back with a pint of Peroni, in a Peroni glass and I had a half of bitter shandy, exactly the same order as we had before.

We sat chatting and drinking a beer and I hardly noticed my partner pick up his beer when the glass shattered into 100 pieces and the beer spread all over the table. We were taken completely by surprise. My partner went to the bar and asked for some drying cloths. Somebody soon came to help us clear up the mess, a little bit of beer goes a long way. My partner’s trousers were soaked with beer, needless to say when the beer dried, he smelt like an old brewery. I looked online to see if anyone else had experienced an exploding glass. The articles we found more or less confirmed what we thought. At the Peroni glass is very tapered and narrow in the middle, it is possible that a weakness could have caused the glass to break. What ever the cause of the glass shattering it made us laugh. Though we didn’t laugh at the wet trousers at the time.  

One of the blogs said that the cause of the glass shattering was a ghost that inhabited the pub. The went into great detail to tell the story of a pub that had a resident ghost. The ghost was thought to make the glasses shutter. I do not think there was any ghost involved with our grass that shattered. What a pity!