Glazing issues are all around us, either our own or some one else’s. And what do you do, if you have one?

Glass is such a dangerous substance, beautiful nut dangerous when broken, as it can cause so many wounds, cuts, slices and often life threatening. Therefore be careful with glass and breaks or cracks as they can be very dangerous.

I have had lots of issues through the years with windows, double glazed and single glazed, this maybe me being unlucky. But  have had some good relationships with local glaziers throughout the years and they have always sorted me out. I have found it is always a good idea to have a relationship with local traders and I recommend you do too. The local traders are always there for you, not always the most economical but great to have them close by.

So pop out and talk to local people and get contacts, you never know when you may need them. Just my suggestion to help you. A glazier I have used is Sevenoaks¬†Glass, great team and nice people. But without a relationship, it isn’t as simple to get help.

Thanks for reading this, give me your views?

Bye for now…